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Saturday, May 01, 2004
Peruse this thread where infidel blasphemers mock glorious leader Turkmenbashi. Especially limericks further on. May the forks of his lightning impale you! Incidentally* not many people know that limerick is a traditional Turkmen verse form from Turkmen town of Limerek* where Turkmen poet Tahmasp Khan used it for his seventeenth century Turkmen epic poem dedicated to heroic deeds and courtly loves of a noble Turkmen musk melon.

*Now renamed Turkmenbashi, like most Turkmen towns, in a bid to simplify geography, Glorious Leader's weakest subject at school. "O noble Turkman, couldst thou tell me the way to Turkmenbashi?" "Why, certainly, noble but underinformed traveller. Proceed for forty sapurmetres until you come to Turkmenbashi, then head east to Turkmenbashi where you must take a right turn in the direction of Turkmenbashi. Turkmenbashi is on the way. Thou canst not miss it." "That's just south of Turkmenbashi, right?" "Thou gotst it."

(Via PF)

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